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Changing the atmosphere in Children’s hospitals


CUBA BUBA  are autonomous play centres for sick children. They are designed to immerse small patients in a friendly emotional environment.


The centres have been exclusively designed based on the unique idea of a Ukrainian philanthropist. Ukrainian architects oversee the construction and development. CUBA BUBA #1, #2, #3, #6, BUBA SPACE designed by Valeriy and Katerina Kuznetsov. CUBA BUBA #4 and CUBA BUBA #5 designed by Daria Proviz.


These centres help children overcome psychological stress while they are undergoing medical treatment. Reducing stress has been found to greatly increase speed of recovery.

Vlada Brusilovska,

Project Initiator


Learning and Creativity

Communication with Peers


Tactile Experiments



Physical Activity



CUBA BUBA is a free-standing construction. It can be set up in common areas (corridor, hall, library, rec room) and it looks like a room in a room.


Size 2.4 х 1.7 х 2.3 m

Materials pressed wood, metal, stone, cotton and other natural materials


Design CUBA BUBA is not replicated – each centre is a unique concept.



March, 2017

The first centre of the CUBA BUBA series was installed in Children’s Clinical Hospital #3 (Dnipro)

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October, 2017

The second centre was installed in the polyclinic of Children Clinical Hospital #5 (Dnipro)

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December, 2017

The third centre was installed in the department of reconstructive surgery and oncology of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Children's Clinical Hospital with the support of the Ukrainian furniture factory Maestro

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October, 2018

CUBA BUBA #4 was installed in Dnipro Clinical Hospital #1 supported  Borys Bukhbinder, Yuriy Ostapyuk, Petro Palevitch and EnglishDom online school

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January–May, 2019

CUBA BUBA #2 (BUBA.Matrix) appeared at the All-Ukrainian Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Clinical Desease of the Nervous System (Kyiv) and the Novovodolazhsky Inclusive-Resource Center (Kharkiv region)

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July, 2019

CUBA BUBA #5, the chamber for 2  patients in inpatient treatment, was opened in Dnipro Clinical Hospital #1

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July, 2020

CUBA BUBA #2 (BUBA.Matrix), was installed in Tatarbunarsky Inclusive Resource Center

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September, 2020

CUBA BUBA #6 (CUBA BUBA Sunny), the playroom, was opened in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Psychiatric Hospital

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July, 2021

BUBA SPACE, the10-th playroom, was opened in Dnipropetrovsk Regional Polyclinic

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October, 2021

CUBA BUBA Sunny (CUBA BUBA #6) in Kharkiv Regional Children's Clinical Hospital and BUBA.Matrix in Krasnokutsky Inclusive Resource Center funded by an international company Playrix

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December, 2021

BUBA.Matrix in Severodonetsky Inclusive Resource Center with support Gennady Yashunsky and Ukrainian furniture company Maestro GROUP

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January, 2022

BUBA.Matrix in Stepansky Inclusive Resource Center with support International charitable found The BEARR Trust and Andrii Struzhkov

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March, 2023

The Spaces for Children in Host Communities project was implemented thanks to USAID and Gennadiy Yashunsky, owner of Maestro Group furniture production. The project's main goal is to support rehabilitation centres that provide services to local residents and internally displaced families. We installed BUBA Sunny in the Sarny Inclusive Resource Center. We also installed SEVEN BUBA.Matrix in the Khmelnytsky municipal centre for comprehensive rehabilitation of children with disabilities under 18 years of age "School of Life"; Vilkhovets Inclusive Resource Center; Bukovyna Center for Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Rehabilitation of Children; Bereznivsky Inclusive Resource Center; St. John the for Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Inclusive Education; Stryi City Children's Clinical Hospital; and the International Crisis Center for Mothers and Children "City of Good". 

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October, 2023

Thanks to the support of Gennadiy Yashunsky, owner of the Maestro Group furniture production, a BUBA.Matrix (CUBA BUBA #2) was installed in the Tysmenytsia (Ivano-Frankivsk region) inclusive resource centre.

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April, 2024

Vadym Musienko, the owner of a Ukrainian furniture factory, has made and presented a BUBA.Matrix (CUBA BUBA #2) to the Inclusive Resource Center of the Keretsky Village (Zakarpattia Region).

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BUBA. Matrix